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Content is KING – SEO Tips

The rules have changed since the early days of search engine optimization (SEO). In the beginning your meta-tags had considerable pull regarding how you placed in search results. While they are still important and should not be neglected most search engines have moved on to using the textual content of your site to determine its importance and relevance to your search terms.

In real estate the tried and true rule of location location location is still key to a property’s value. For search engines it’s Content Content Content! Creating relevant, keyword dense, text for your website is the best sure-fire way to improve your search position. This does not mean it’s ok to fill your site with “Boise Idaho Real Estate” over and over again in a nonsense paragraph as this not only makes you site look bad to human readers but to search engines as well. What it does mean is that you will want to consider your keywords and work them into your text in a way that instances of your keywords are frequent but the text still makes sense to your human visitors.

For example, your original website text might read: “If you are looking for real estate you’ve come to the right place! I am glad to help you find the home of your dreams. Use my search options to find homes in the local area real estate market.”

Whereas a section of text optimized for the words/phrase ‘Boise Idaho Real Estate’ might read more like: “If you are looking for Boise Idaho Real Estate, or real state anywhere in Idaho you’ve come to the right place! I am glad to help you find the home of your dreams in the great state of Idaho. Use my Idaho Home Search to find Homes in Idaho and the local Boise Idaho Real Estate market.”

As you can see I have increased the number of times the words Boise Idaho Real and Estate appear in the text and have done so in a manner that not only increases the keyword density but also makes a more pleasant reading experience for the viewer as well. This is a very simple example, but the concept is there.

Filling your site with textual content relevant to your services and filled with the keywords you want to gain position for is key to improving search engine placement. Once you are able to do this be sure to add new content often as the only thing search engines love more than content is NEW content; by regularly adding new relevant text content to your site you can actually increase the number of times a search engine will visit your site for results and add a hefty lift to your placement in searches.

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