Building a better business sometimes means taking care of the things that are truly IMPORTANT instead of the things others consider URGENT…I had a long time client call the office today to cancel her service. She loves her site but is getting out of the business due to a recent breast cancer diagnosis.

She was devastated and broke down on the phone, so much so that even though I only knew her casually that I too was in tears. I had many many things to get done that other clients considered ab-so-lute-ly URGENT…without thought I set all of it to the side so that I could put together a nice card with some good words on holding on to HOPE for her to let her know we would be thinking and praying for her because (to me) reaching out and letting her know someone cared was more IMPORTANT than anything else…

Time for mortals is finite. In fact, we never really know when we’ll run out of it. To make matters more complicated, there turns out to be truth in the old saying that you never have enough time to do everything you’d like to do. So you must decide what is really important, and what others simply consider urgent…while my actions may make for long hours this week as I play catch-up I know that if I helped bring even a single grain of comfort into her life that I accomplished something far greater than simply checking another task off my queue…

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