About Hinsel

My name is Hinsel. Since my earliest years I have been an artist and creator.
This page is one of the public contact points I use to share my offerings of years of experience as an artist, writer, photographer, coder, and designer.
While writing was one of my first loves, and still plays a vital role in my work today, for over a decade I have worked as a professional designer of graphics, a photographer, and as a web developer have been involved in computer technology and coding since the just before the birth of the Web back in the early 1990’s. In the past 5 years I have honed my skills in the fields of search engine optimization as well as social media marketing.
The knowledge and skills I have acquired over my years in these various mediums allows me to offer a number of services to those in need of exceptional content for any application, from an innovative and experienced vantage point.
I have an intimate knowledge of HTML and CSS – as well as some basic knowledge of PHP, action and java scripts. I also revel in  working within a Coldfusion environment; creating UI systems ,with which I have extensive experience.
These combined resources combined with my extensive skills in various image editing and animation software, creates a powerful arsenal of digital tools to choose from when it comes to creating vibrant, well designed media for any platform.
I can make your visions a reality. Contact me today to share your dream!
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