These last two weeks have been particularly difficult. Work, and stress, and more work. A million things, met confidently and beaten back. The elation of this week being nearly done is great, especially as it was even more frustrating by the fact that I know I did a lot, yet still don’t feel like anything got done. It feels like there should somehow be two more work days yet in the week, even though it’s Thursday. And then I realize, there will be…oh. There Will Be…. ; )

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Building a better business sometimes means taking care of the things that are truly IMPORTANT instead of the things others consider URGENT…I had a long time client call the office today to cancel her service. She loves her site but is getting out of the business due to a recent breast cancer diagnosis.

She was devastated and broke down on the phone, so much so that even though I only knew her casually that I too was in tears. I had many many things to get done that other clients considered ab-so-lute-ly URGENT…without thought I set all of it to the side so that I could put together a nice card with some good words on holding on to HOPE for her to let her know we would be thinking and praying for her because (to me) reaching out and letting her know someone cared was more IMPORTANT than anything else…

Time for mortals is finite. In fact, we never really know when we’ll run out of it. To make matters more complicated, there turns out to be truth in the old saying that you never have enough time to do everything you’d like to do. So you must decide what is really important, and what others simply consider urgent…while my actions may make for long hours this week as I play catch-up I know that if I helped bring even a single grain of comfort into her life that I accomplished something far greater than simply checking another task off my queue…

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…praying for focus. praying for vision. better my feet take me to hell than to indecision…

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there will be no mac jokes at the office today. #geek #love

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How to drive traffic to your blog (or any site for that matter) !

#1: Write Well, Write Often

The more frequently you post, the more traffic you get because the search engines are indexing your content more frequently. Beyond that your content needs to be interesting, humorous, or have pertinent information.

#2: Headlines Count

It’s the first thing they see. If you do it right, it won’t be the LAST.
Titles with “how to” attract a lot of traffic. Use your keywords here as much as possible as well or use a “hook” phrase to grab their attention ( FED’s GONE INSANE! Etc )

#3: eBlast It !

Send emails to your lists of contacts and clients when you have a great blog post you want to share. Ask for comments to encourage engagement and interaction.

#4: Add a link in your email signature

Putting links in your signature to your blog can be just as important as the ones to your site since they both feed off of each others success and visibility. Adding a text link to your email signature in most programs is fairly easy – TourRE offers custom graphical email signatures for users of non-web based email programs as well.

#5: Article marketing

Article marketing is a powerful way to attract traffic. Post your articles to some of the various blog directories and include a link to your blog and main website whenever possible. Digg, StumbleUpon, and other such sites are good places to start.

#6: Comment on blogs in your industry

You get out what you put in, so spend a little time over the morning coffee surfing blogs relevant to your industry and comment. When you comment, you have the option to include the URL to your blog.

#7: Conduct surveys and polls

Everybody has an opinion. You can use built-in polls on social networks like Facebook or Polldaddy to ask your readers what they want or get their opinion. More often than not, those who respond will help spread the word, especially if you ask and/or offer a gift in exchange. A good example of this can be taken from Dutch Bros Coffee. They posted a poll: “How many shots of espresso are in 65lbs of coffee? First to answer right wins a free gift card!” Within minutes they had over a hundred comments and guesses, and that equals TRAFFIC.

#8: Submit your blog to directories

Blog directories can be a crap shoot, but they can also pay off, either way it never hurts to be listed anywhere. The big dogs in blog directories right now are Technorati, the largest blog directory on the web, and Alltop.com.

Speaking socially now: the more people you know the better. If you aren’t on these social networks, get on them! They are not only a great way to meet other like minded individuals but it can also really help get the word out about your services and drive traffic to your blog. You can blow your horn in the desert all day long, if no one hears it what does it matter? Having a blog without being socially connected can essentially be the same scenario – if you write good frequent content you will likely still see an eventual rise in traffic but by being socially active you can exponentially increase that progress.

#9: Make a Google profile

Google will inherit the Earth – if you haven’t come to terms with this yet, pull your rock back over yourself and wait for the next ice age. Set up your profile on Google and include links to your blogs and websites. Whenever someone does a search on your name, a link to your profile will be featured at the bottom of the first page of search results. Use the new Google BUZZ to get in a few extra blurbs – it’s picking up popularity fast!

#10: Tweet tweet!

Anytime you write a new post send it around the world on Twitter and really any other social portal you can. Just a quick catch title and a link works great in Twitter.

#11: Facebook

Use the Facebook Notes application to pull your blog feed into your profile and/or fan page. You can also use RSS or other apps to pull in your blog automatically.

#12: LinkedIn

Like Facebook, for business people. Create a strong profile. They let you add three URLs ( make sure one is your blog! )

#13: Get into movie making

Make informational videos and distribute your videos on Youtube. Since Google owns Youtube they love it when people use it and can give you a little extra bump for the trouble. Include a link back to your blog home page or specific blog posts that are relevant to the content in your video. Try TubeMogul, it is a free site where you can upload your video once and it will be published on up to 20 video platforms including YouTube, Vimeo, Blip.tv, and more. Copy the embed code and put it on your site or blog.

#14: Social bookmarking

Use sites like StumbleUpon, Digg and Delicious to share your content. When you have a particularly great post, ask your readers to help you out with bookmarking.

#15: Answer questions at Yahoo Answers or any other forum.

Yahoo Answers is a great place to establish yourself as an expert in your niche. That will have a branding effect. A lot of forums, message boards, news sites, and other blogs offer places to leave a comment – and your URL. These won’t count much in the way of backlinking power but they DO count.

In Closing…

All in all it comes down to putting in the hours to get the results – or hiring someone to do it for you. Write intelligently, write good content people want to read and your traffic will fall in line. A few other good ideas might be to market your blog as I would hope you are marketing your main website:

Make sure it has been submitted to the search engines (most will be found eventually but submitting directly can speed this up)

Create backlinks wherever you can. Email campaigns are good. Put it on your business cards or car graphic. Be as active on social networks as you can be. The more you interact the more your audience will react.

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It’s a good day to be a Boise SEO…but then on Friday it’s a good day to be anything (except at work) OH SNAP!

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today Boise Web Design…tomorrow THE WORLD!

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